Toupret Anti Damp Treatment (Humi Stop) - 1Kg

Toupret Anti Damp Treatment (Humi Stop) - 1Kg


A damp seal treatment that blocks localised problem moisture, supplied ready to use. Apply with a brush or roller to damp substrates such as cement, bricks, stone and old painted surfaces to block problem moisture on interior or exterior substrates. Covers micro cracks. Dries to a flexible film. Water-based.
  • Blocks problem moisture
  • Covers micro-cracks
  • Apply with brush or roller

Key Features:

  • Surface Condition: Designed for interior use on damp substrates.
  • Task: Ideal for surface treatment on damp surfaces.
  • Application Method: Manual application using a brush or roller.
  • Time Between Coats: Allow 8 hours between coats for optimal results.
  • Surfaces: Suitable for damp substrates including cement, bricks, stone, and old painted surfaces.
  • Overcoat With: Can be overcoated with any type of paint, wallpaper, or Toupret filler.
  • Maximum Application Thickness: No maximum thickness specified for flexibility.
  • Mixing Rate: Ready to use, no mixing required.
  • Ready to Paint Time: Ready for painting after 24 hours.
  • Working Time: Provides unlimited working time for convenient application.

Application Instructions:

  • Recommended Temperature and Humidity: Apply at temperatures between 5°C and 35°C and a relative humidity below 80%.
  • Adhesion: Adhesion characteristics not specified.
  • Coverage: Approximately 333 g/m² at 1mm thickness.
  • Indoor Air Quality Classification: Not applicable.
  • Colour When Dry: Dries to a clean white finish.
  • Guarantee: Product guaranteed for 12 months from purchase, when stored in its original package away from sunlight and frost.
  • Clean Tools With: Easily clean tools with water for hassle-free maintenance.

Usage Tips:

  • Ensure that the damp substrate is clean and free from any contaminants before application.
  • Apply the filler evenly using a brush or roller for consistent coverage.
  • Store the product in its original packaging away from sunlight and frost to maintain its quality and guarantee.