Toupret Exterior Skimcoat Filler



Provides a smooth, ready to paint surface. Ideal for large surface areas thanks to its smooth application. Offers excellent adhesion to all types of new or renovated surfaces: masonry, cement, concrete, plaster, mortars and renders. Overcoat with all types of water-based masonry or conventional paints. If using polyurethane or epoxy solvent-based paints, first prime with a water-based exterior paint. 

The typical recommended application thickness is 1.5mm.

Warning - Please carefully follow usage instructions and refer to the technical data sheet.

    • Extra smooth
    • Easy to spread
    • Long working time
    • Allows the substrate to breathe
    • No need to seal the substrate *
    Surface condition: Exterior
    Task: Levelling uneven surfaces
    Application method: Manual, Spray machine
    Time between coats: As soon as the filler is dry
    Surfaces: Any type of filler, Cement mortars and renders, Concrete, cellular concrete, Plaster and lime mortars and renders, Shuttered concrete. 
    Overcoat with: Skimcoat Filler can be overcoated with any type of filler, paint or wall coating. Do not coat directly with polyurethane paints nor epoxy solvent based paints.
    Maximum recommended application thickness: Up to 5 mm.
  • Ready to paint time: 24 to 48 Hours
    Working time: 6 Hours
    Application tools: Trowel, Blade, Filling Knife
  • Colour when dry: White
  • Clean tools with water.