Two Fussy Blokes 9" 230mm Microfibre Semi Smooth Roller Refill Sleeve 44mm Core

The mid-sized nap in our range, the 10mm big rollers come in 230mm (9″) to suit a variety of painting jobs. This is the most versatile of our rollers, offering excellent paint pick-up, finish, and release. Able to be used with all water-based paints, the 10mm-nap big roller is commonly used to achieve a top-of-the-line finish on medium- to large-sized surfaces such as walls and ceilings.

Our Recommendation

The key to achieving a satisfying finish is to make sure that the painted surface is prepared well – holes filled, surface well cleaned, and dried. Also, before starting using our rollers, always use water to “rinse & spin before you begin” and you will achieve the best finish right from the start. Besides, the post-painting cleaning process will be much easier too!


  • Perfect for water-based paints only. Recommended for primers and topcoats.
  • Ideal for top coating interior walls and ceilings, MDF, timber, and plywood.
  • Excellent paint pick-up and release, superior finish, excellent coverage.
  • Pile: 10mm