Wooster Sherlock Wide Boy Hulk Adjustable Frame 12-18 Inch

Wooster Sherlock Wide Boy HULK Adjustable Frame 12-18"

A great addition to your roller set, the Wooster sherlock wide boy HULK adjustable 12-18" frame allows you to use roller sleeves between 12" & 18".

Compatible with the Sherlock GT pole compatible and extremely light to use, the adjustable roller frame features rigid tubular steel frame arms and is super durable. The quick cam levers keep the frame arms securely locked and release easily for seamless adjustment. Designed to resist pressure for excellent results on walls, floors & ceilings and allows for prolonged use, to use the HULK adjustable frame simply lift both red levers with your thumb, slide the arms to the desired width, and insert the roller cover, then push the levers down to close and lock.

  • Can hold roller sleeve from 12” to 18”
  • Very lightweight - weighs less than one pound
  • Work with Wooster Sherlock GT pole
  • Adapt to all standard threaded extension poles